FIFA 18 Win7 Solutions: The Common Problems Common Mistakes and Handling Methods

With Microsoft vigorously promoting the update of the win10 system, now, the game is not much more focuses on the compatibility of the old system. The next I will produce a summary of the common problem solutions for FIFA 18 win7. The interested players can have a look.

Summary of the solutions to FIFA 18 win7 common problems.

First of all, the appearance of these problems is not the player’s mistakes, but the problem of the EA. Most of bugs of the EA games, causing a variety of mistakes and hoping that the official will produce the patch as soon as possible.

  1. Should use WIN7 64BIT SP1, if without SP1, please install SP1 to upgrade patch or replace system.
  2. Black screen flashes, you need to make thesystem patch: KB2670838. If the patch fails, please open WINDOWS UPDATE SERVICE manually.
  3. Errors of DX, discreteness orother parts, please use software to repair, commonly used dxrepair, it can use to repair most of the missing components.
  4. Problems of lockinglanguage selection interfaces, or inability to enter the start interface and so on. In the control panel – program components, reinstall Windows media (Remove the selection of uninstall, and then enter in and open it). System default player can choose Windows media, and do not use the third party player as the main player.
  5. The picture frame is lowand unable to be moved, playing for a while the driver would show mistakes or lose. After the test (N card), previous cards of win8 series, and it is found that 355.98 can run steadily for a long time (welcome to supplement). The 368.81 that I said before, sometimes it’s still a mistake. About 960 and previous cards, and please do not use the recommended 385.28 and the latest 385.41. You do need to drive the update indeed, please wait for 1 month. Low configuration players do not separate vertical synchronization.
  6. Hodge handle game playerdon’t have right rocker. Please add the buttonData.ini file manually to my document, catalogue of FIFA 18 (Softmod). All of the two schemes can be implemented, but I recommend use soft changes, fewer adapters, less trouble and hardware delay.
  7. Some people have installed the components, but they are still have some mistakes and need to be uninstalled to reinstall the other versions. Only try it by yourself.
  8. The problem that the system player needs to be reinstalled.

The above is a summary of the solutions to FIFA 18 win7 common problems that I have brought to you. I hope it can be used as a reference for the majority of PC players.

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