FIFA 18 Skills: The Best FIFA 18 Defending Skills

In the dribbling articles in the ball, I mentioned “FIFA 18” enhanced the body collision system.
Now the defensive player directly hit the ball with the body position player, you can rely on the physical advantage of the offensive player opened up, grabbed the ball.
Forced approach is very simple, when you approach the offensive player as a defensive player, close to each other, the formation of entangled situation, when you determine the other side of the running trend (non-ball trend), you hold down the B key Maintain 1 second, rather than instantaneous steal click B button), then you will use the body to hit each other.
In the previous version, the referee may be punished, but in the “FIFA18”, the referee will not care about forcing the behavior, so that you are in addition to the defensive, blocking, flying shovel, grab more than you An effective defensive tool, but also failed to force, it will not be like blocking, flying shovel that lead you out of position.
After the force of force, you just run the equivalent of running a step or two look like, forced the opponent immediately after the defeat.

Restricted area blocked
Many players whenever the opponent scored the restricted area, the defense will be in a hurry.
In fact, the restricted area of ​​defense is very simple, you only need to pay attention to each other’s passing line, shooting line, and then have the possibility of passing, shooting line blocked.
In other words, it’s enough for you to get to the right spot without interception, tackling.
Blocking the path with the player’s body, it is possible to lead the other passing, shooting errors, then the other party will fail. Plus the system will sometimes make judgments, so that your players automatically make a reasonable interception, tackling action, so do not bother you in the action, and you have to do is to be defensive position.
Further description of the “block” the effective distance, block the above mentioned is to seal the pass and shot line, and when you closer to the dribbler, block the success rate is even greater, the other players The interference is even greater, in the restricted area defense, you may wish to make a defensive control strategy, but remember not to run as a footsteps move, just move the left stick can be.
If the game opened the “handball”, then blocking the closed area, remember to hold down the LT key, you can now control the player put his arms behind, so that will not be because the other side of the close shot In your player’s hand.

Snatch requires you to close your opponent, press the B button to steal steals.
Snatching is equivalent to a moderate defense, once you can not intercept, it is easy to cause dislocation, but this dislocation is not serious, but it is almost impossible to recover to the state of pressing, it is impossible to intercept , You try to follow the ball players, and then switch to close the other players to defend.
The trick is to intercept the next step to determine the other side of the action to the footsteps of the position to intercept, in fact, when you are generally close to the opponent can use the interception, try to steal the ball, continue to press the B key can form a drag or force action .
However, you should note that if you know you can not kick the ball, do not arbitrarily intercept it, which will easily lead to fouls, especially in the restricted area.

A key to intercept
Have you ever thought of a player using the “A key” short pass as a means of interception?
In fact, this is a viable solution, when the ball flew to you and the other players, you press the A key at this time, although it is regarded as a pass, but the pass will also cause the other players similar to interception, flying shovel and other actions the behavior of.
This way of interception before “FIFA17”, the referee will not be such a punishment, but “FIFA18” chances are given foul penalty, which is mainly to see the system to judge.
This interception is generally aimed at the other catch when launching, in the snatcher process, you also need to consider the second landing.
This move is very easy to use, not only intercept, but also with the pass, you should make more use of.

Slide shovel
The difficulty of sliding a shovel is much more difficult than any other defense, and the key is that you have to make predictions of distance and speed.
The general interception of the timing, you run side by side with the ball players, and the other suddenly kick the ball away from the foot (perhaps to speed up or change direction), then you are toward the other side of the direction of the trend of the ball fly shovel.
This is to determine the way the flying shovel and force different, the force is chasing the player’s trend direction, while the flying shovel is the ball. The reason is that if you fly a shovel chasing people, it must be foul (the following is a straight go flying shovel, unless it is deliberate fouls, otherwise not recommended to do so).
Flying shovel error, will inevitably cause a lot of loopholes in the back, but chasing the basic impossible, once the flying shovel failed, you immediately switch the player to fill defense.

Goalkeeper welcome
When the other players single-pole, half-pole, you can press the Y key to welcome the goalkeeper.
Goalkeeper welcome, you can let him out of the box as a guard, but do not do this often, otherwise there will be the danger of being opponents to empty the door.
When you release the Y button, the door will be retracted according to their own, if you determine the other one-pole, half-pole extremely threatening, you have to hold down the Y key.