The Best FIFA Attacking Tips Guide

First,hold down the LB button (Xbox) or L1 (PlayStation) and then power up the shooting button which should be circle or B depending on what console you’re on and if you haven’t messed about with your control settings.
Then look out for the goalkeepers position and if he’s off of his line or racing out to meet your striker then that’s the perfect opportunity to lob the keeper. It’s all about timing really and if you get it correct more often than not then you will bag yourself a lot of goals this year.
Lastly always remember not just with this method but all shots not to hold down the sprint button as that will only decrease your chances of hitting the target let alone scoring a goal.
Hold jockey button for few milli seconds try holding sprint button. Continue to press and hold both the buttons to be able to sprint normally as well as shield the ball. If you hold sprint button and jockey button at the same time, your player will do face up dribbling. This is not what you wanted.
Press and hold jockey button for a while and move few steps ahead later press and hold sprint button. If you do this, your player will sprint and will also shield the ball automatically when opponent defenders chases from behind. If you see someone approaching you in front of you to tackle, release the sprint button and continue to hold the jockey button and move ahead as usual. This will make player stop, turn back and shield.
If you have a mid fielder chasing from behind, and a wing back trying to tackle in front of you, try to do a quick fake shot left or right to get away from the wings.
Dribbling on the wings and cutting back into your opponents penalty box is one of the most effective ways of attacking. Even professional players do the same. This simple trick can chance the way you play the game.