The Introduction Of FIFA 19 Tips

What are the tips for FIFA19? FIFA19 has been open for a while, and players have felt uncomfortable in the new version? The following will bring you an overview of FIFA19 tips and hope to help everyone.

  1. Press the circle button or the B button after the goal, and the celebration will be randomly performed.
  2. After the goal is scored, press L1+R1 or RB+LB to skip and directly kick the ball.
  3. Now you can see which player will be switched to after pressing L1/LB. There is a gray mark on his head.
  4.  The restricted area should not use the opportunity to shoot, and directly low-shot. Operation method: L1+R1+ shooting, vigorously miraculous.
  5. In the selection of the team interface, press R3, you can choose the difficulty of your AI teammates, the higher the difficulty, the stronger the AI teammates ability.
  6. PS4 DEMO can play online! Specific methods: 2 people to establish a party, and then one of them can share the play! The bandwidth is required, the higher the better, upload 30M can be high-definition.
  7. L2 / LT + shot = manual volley shot/barb.
  8. The corner kicks the player in advance and changes to R1/RB.
  9. When the goalkeeper opens the ball or throws the ball, hold down the R1/RB+ pass and the kick/throw will be faster than usual.
  10. When defending, press the right rocker not loose, and move the right rocker to manually control the goalkeeper. It can be pre-judged, even when the corner is running. Want to fully control the goalkeeper, PS4 press the touchpad, X1 press the View button.
  11. In the case where the ball is still at the front of the penalty area, press the right stick to hit the ball and then volley shot. You can use the fake shot to stop the player to get the ball to rest. The specific operation: release the left stick, then press the fake shot.
  12. When the opponent in front of the penalty area takes a free kick, press the short pass button (PS4 is X, X1 is A), and an AI player in the wall will be ready to rush to the ball. He will lean forward and make a ready-to-run posture to prevent the opponent from calling the second penalty player.
  13. When defending a free kick, press R1/RB and the wall will sneak forward. Be careful not to use it too early, and the referee will find a foul.
  14. Now when the header is cleared, you must press the shooting button, do not press the short pass button as before, will not compete for the opponent.
  15. Timing shots also support shooting (by RB+ shooting), and it’s relatively easy to press the perfect timing.

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