The New Features of the FIFA19 Story Mode

The new features of the FIFA19 story mode and the introduction of the three main characters

What are the new features of the FIFA19 story mode? Many players don’t understand it. The story mode of this game adopts the setting of the three protagonists. In addition to the familiar Alex Hunter, there will be two characters we are familiar with as the protagonist. Here is the new FIFA19 story mode, features and three protagonists, are you ready to start the championship tour?

Feature Introduction: Three heroes, three stories

Football Journey: Champion Tour” explores their unique stories with three heroes as the center. Lead Alex Hunter, Danny Williams,  and Kim Hunter on their journeys and meet the most critical moments in their careers. As their stories are intertwined and synchronized, you can switch roles between these three protagonists at any time to rewrite your experience.

Meet the best players in the world

Meet the world’s most famous football players, including Neymar Jr., Alex Morgan, Paulo Dybala and Kevin De Bruyne.

Choose your tutor

Alex Hunter will have the opportunity to be the best player in the world – his teammate in Real Madrid.

Create a sports game first

After Kim joined the US women’s national team in the “Football Race: Hunter Return”, she will come forward and be the protagonist in the final chapter of the trilogy. Game Kim’s story set foot on her personal journey and represent the United States in the Women’s World Cup.

Football journey review

Before leading Alex Hunter, Danny Williams, and Kim Hunter to the top of their career in the “Football Journey: Champion Tour”, let’s review how they came to the present.

The “Football Journey” debuted in “FIFA 17” set a historical precedent and became the first “FIFA” story mode. The story focuses on the career of a single character, and the player’s choice and actual ball game promote the plot. Thanks to the powerful effects of the Frostbite engine and the cinema, players can experience Alex Hunter’s story. The story continues to FIFA 18, “Football Journey: Hunter Returns,” and will greet a dramatic ending in FIFA 19, “Football Journey: Champion Tour.”

Our story begins here “Football journey”

When we first met Alex, he was still a young guy who was playing for the U-11 team to the Clapham public land in London. As the story progressed, we also met other characters of the “Football Journey”: Alex’s best friend Gareth Walker, his mother Catherine, father Harold, and grandfather Jim. After a round of dramatic cross-shots of twelve yards, the story has been moving forward for seven years. Alex and Gareth participated in the “graduation” at the National Football Academy and sought the attention of Premier League scouts. Alex is here to meet Danny Williams. He is another player who participated in the graduation competition, and his future is limitless, and he has been particularly difficult to stay for the entire graduation season.

After Alex finished the graduation game, football agent Michael Taylor contacted him and Alex eventually hired him as his first agent. Michael won the contract for Alex’s selection of Premier League clubs, and later we learned that Gareth also signed the same club. Two young players went to the United States to participate in the preseason, but Alex did not play for the club for a long time, because he soon learned that the club had signed a new superstar, which means he will be rented to the British Crown Club.

Alex arrived at the new club and reunited with an old “friend”: Danny Williams. During his loan, Alex left an impressive performance with Danny, and the two gradually developed a spirit of cooperation (and friendship). However, he was suddenly called back to the team midway through the season. We learned that Gareth was about to leave the club and switch to their number one, and Alex had to go back to fill the vacancy of old friends.

After returning to the club, Alex made a steady performance and was selected as the main player in the FA Cup final, shouldering the responsibility of the top rival and old friend Gareth. Although the two had a squabble before the game, Gareth said it was too hot. However, no matter who wins or loses in the end, the two friends are still on the court after the game.

At the end of the “Football Journey”, just as Alex and Danny played “FIFA”, Alex found out that he might be recruited to participate in the England national team in the near future.

ALEX’s first high-profile transfer (soccer journey: HUNTER regression)

Now Alex has re-established his position in the Premier League club. He is ready to travel to the United States to challenge the high-level clubs such as Real Madrid and Los Angeles Galaxy. Just as Alex’s trip to Los Angeles was about to end, he suddenly met his distant father, Harold. Harold is now living in the United States, and he wants to rebuild his father-son relationship with Alex.

After the ball returned to England, Michael Taylor contacted Alex and informed him that Real Madrid wanted to buy him. As soon as Alex arrived in the United States, he met Real Madrid and met Cristiano Ronaldo. He decided to submit a transfer application and try to switch to the dream club. As a result, the entire transaction was originally fake. The transfer ended, and the ball and the fans’ impression of Alex fell to the bottom.

Alex received a call from Harold and learned that Dad was willing to help him fight for the opportunity to switch to the Los Angeles Galaxy. Due to limited choices and the end of the transfer period, Alex chose to switch to the Los Angeles Galaxy. Alex returned to the US Cup and regained confidence to help the Galaxy reach the play-off (or more). He also met Kim Hunter. Kim is Alex’s half-sister, and Harold hasn’t told him about it. Although Alex didn’t want to have anything to do with Kim at first, when Alex learned that Kim was recruited by the US National Women’s Football Team, he finally let go of his disagreement with his father and sincerely supported this half-sister.

Alex’s eye-catching performance in the US Cup has shocked the entire football world and was sought after by the major clubs in Europe during the off-season. Alex made the decision and there was a good start in the new ball, but at this time, his knee was seriously injured and he was forced to suspend for several months. The club eventually sent Alex back to Los Angeles for rehabilitation, so he had another chance to cultivate his feelings with Kim (and eventually the two also practiced together).

After the doctor approved Alex, Alex returned to Europe to reunite with his club and participated in the rest of the season. Alex’s solid performance left a deep impression, which made the season perfect, and he returned to Los Angeles with his grandfather Jim. After Jim and Kim experienced a touching first meeting, Alex received a call, and the other was his agent of some teammates. The agent asked for a meeting and pointed out that if she was Alex as a broker, Alex “has long been a Real Madrid player.”

For the finale of the story, please pay attention to FIFA 19 “Football Journey: Champion Tour”. This is the first time a series of players have been able to play Alex, Danny and Kim’s complete story, witnessing their new milestones in their careers.

Introduction of the three main characters


As early as in the first two parts of the trilogy, Alex Hunter, the original protagonist of the “Football Journey”, has experienced the climax of his career. Alex signed a contract with his favorite Premier League club, and then borrowed other clubs to participate in the England Group A football league, and then spent half a season in the US professional football league, then returned to Europe, the largest in Europe. One of the clubs played. Coming to the “Football Journey: Champion Tour”, Alex finally managed to switch to his dream club – the Spanish football team Real Madrid.


Alex and Danny first met at the National Football Academy’s graduation game, and they didn’t get along very well when they first met. These two former rivals participated in the secondary league together, established a tacit understanding between teammates, and eventually became a very good friend. As Alex left the team and switched to the Los Angeles Galaxy, Danny joined the old club and took over Alex’s position. After some short-lived storms in the middle of the “Football Trip: Hunter Return”, Danny took a seat in the club with a series of solid performances.


Kim Hunter is a young American football player who dreams of participating in the highest level of women’s football, and she is Alex’s half-sister. Alex and Kim met for the first time after Alex listened to his father’s offer to join the Los Angeles Galaxy. Soon after, Kim first represented the US women’s national team. Came to the “Football Journey: Champion Journey”, she is ready to accept the call, plays Women’s World Cup, and push her career to the next peak.

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