The World Cup: Begins Aagain and Group A Russian National Team Recommended Part 1

Four years later, in June this year, we will have the World Cup again. As time approaches and the atmosphere of the World Cup grow stronger, it remains to be seen which team will be able to win the World Cup. On this topic, we will go to the top 32 of the World Cup finals, analyze the situation and prospects of each team, and then pick out the core players of each team in combination with FIFA 18 to make comments and recommendations. Now let’s take a look at group a seed host Russia.
The situation in Russia this year is still not good. It is difficult to win a friendly match, and the lineup has not been decided yet. Fortunately, they have the right time as the host, whether in Group A to through the group league let’s wait and see. If Russia wants to through the group league, it must beat Saudi Arabia. If Russia were to play Egypt in the second game, it would be possible for Russia to score three points. The final game can only try to play Uruguay. If Russia got 5-7 points, it is also a good situation.

The Russian team in the FIFA 18 is only a little better than Saudi Arabia in the same group, and we don’t know the status of the players in the default lineup because they didn’t go through the qualifiers. From this list we can see that Russia still has a certain reserve of personnel.

Default 5-3-2 formation
Forward: Smolov, Kokorin
Midfield: Gorovan, Dzagoev, Glushakov
Defender: Zhirkov, Kudryashov, Neustadt an der Weinstra, Nikkea, Samedov
Goalkeeper: Akinfeev
(Note: if you like Russia, the players who play FIFA 18ut mode can also group the Russian team according to the default lineup. If you are not satisfied, the individual positions can be adjusted accordingly. Mario Fernandes, Dzagoev, Cheryshev. Yashin, Milanchuk brothers are all good choices.)

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