The Worst Line-up Of FIFA 18 (Part One)

FIFA seems to have a lot of controversy about the awards of the World Footballer and the best lineup. The 2018 awards are also full of controversy. For example, the best player, Salah, missed the best lineup, the best goalkeeper Chur. Tuva missed the best lineup and so on, so since there is the best lineup, then, of course, there is the worst lineup. Let’s review which players were last season.

Goalkeeper:  Karius (Liverpool)

If a game can change a player’s life, you may be skeptical, but such a story happened to Carius. In Liverpool’s most important competition for so many years, in the Champions League final, I thought I would decide the game. It is Salah, Ronaldo, Bell, etc., but who would think of the decision to play is Liverpool’s goalkeeper Carrius, his low-level mistakes led to the failure of Liverpool, and he also became synonymous with the goalkeeper’s low-level mistakes.

Defenders: Mustafi (Arsenal), Linderhof (Manchester United), Bonucci (AC Milan)

It can be said that Arsenal’s defense line indirectly led to Wenger’s class. When Mustafi came to Arsenal through his outstanding performance in Valencia, Wenger had expected Mustafi to be with Koscielny. Formed a pair of world-class midfielder combination, but the result is that Koscielny is always injured, and Mustafi is a colander, know that Mustafi transfer fee is up to 35 million pounds. Similarly, Lindov is also a player. Mourinho wants to introduce a defending center to help Manchester United improve his offensive ability, so he spent a total price of 45 million euros to introduce Lindov. Who knows that the demon guard in this game seems to be unacceptable in Manchester United, the defense is not good, the ball is wrong. The last one is to return to Juventus’s Bonucci this summer. Before Juventus, Bonucci gradually grew into a world-class center-back, but who thought he would transfer to AC Milan, a transfer fee of 42 million euros, and an annual salary of 6 million. Bonucci came to AC Milan, who couldn’t play the Champions League, but AC Milan, who introduced a lot of players, didn’t play the Champions League.

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