The Worst Line-up Of FIFA 18 (Part Two)

Midfielder: Sanchez (Manchester United), Özil (Arsenal), André Gomes (Barcelona), Bakayoko (Chelsea)

Once Arsenal’s 2 thighs Sanchez and Ozil can be said to have ushered in the lowest valley of their career, Sanchez was brought to Manchester United by Mourinho through his outstanding performance in Arsenal, for his Manchester United to take out Mchtaliang, It gave Sanchez the first year of the Premier League salary, but Sanchez was very depressed. Similarly, Özil’s performance last season was very low. Andre Gomez finally left Barcelona, this is the best news for Barcelona, the midfielder transferred a total price of 55 million euros, but the performance is disastrous, obviously, he has not done Fortunately, the preparations for the giants to play. The 40 million pounds of Bakayoko can be said to be the biggest failure of Chelsea. Not much to say, in a word, he is not as good as Zaka.

Frontline: Martial (Manchester United), Morata (Chelsea), Gotze (Dortmund)

Since the arrival of Mourinho, the Golden Boy winner has no chance of performance. When we think it is Mourinho’s problem, we find that Martial’s own state is also very low. Morata seems to remind me of Torres. Why the Spanish striker came to Chelsea at a high price seems to be able to change his life. Similarly, Gotze used to be the future player of German football and helped Germany win the World Cup, but his own career. The career changed after the transfer of Bayern. Slowly, we found that we have not seen him on the field for a long time.

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