There are Something You Do Not Know About Cristiano Ronaldo

Top up chemistry for all the players of this formation, select  the squad as 4-2-3-1, which has three AMC. I prefer Cristiano Ronaldo on the sidewalk, more impact speed brought together. If you hit ST, more time to take the ball back, and then relay a pass or pass the ball back, can not maximize his speed, dribbling and body. Of course, a lot of opportunities to shoot on the sidelines, 4-3-2-1 has been used, but the defense is unstable.

4-1-2-1-2(2) has also been used, if the middle of the road was sealed then you need the luck to win the game, and sometimes played very Biequ. 4-2-3-1(2), a lot of changes in this formation, but the offensive pace is slow, the two sides avant-garde forbidden area too far away from the other side, sometimes often and midfielder transposition, offensive too slow, so start with 4-2-3-1. First of all, this array has the advantage of blocking 41212-2, two backs and four backs, as long as the formation of the formation, the other two strikers and single front waist not much chance, and two sidewalks amc directly singled out each other Defender, because others are concentrated in the road, the basic defender while no one protection, and my front four are able to pass energy projection can burst, the location is not fixed where to play, very comfortable to kick.

Mbab after playing sth play ST, there is the speed of the body, can rush to resist. Goetze hit the front waist, because Goetze relative breakthrough, the speed of the body weaker, but he is really good at running, can be a good frontcourt of the other three individuals. Focus here, where Cristiano Ronaldo should be? The answer depends on opponent. If he is British Premiership, Walker, Valencia, then put the right, if it is the Bundesliga, there is no Arab, Cristiano Ronaldo play the right side, or hit the left, Serie A set of general Cristiano Ronaldo put the left , Because Serie A right-back is really not strong. Anyway, look into the lineup before the game, which side let Mule attack him side.
And then attack, if you take alessandini here, not necessarily strong, it is possible Mbabe and grid up, and who can break through the bottom line after the transfer point, because there is Cristiano Ronaldo. If it is the mule side, it is hard, the mule ball first to a 2:1, and then pull up speed, let the other guard keep up, and then immediately stop adding cattle tail, the right joystick from right to left or left To the right, or emergency stop immediately pendulum, can be cut inscribed, if the other defensive, then pass the inverted triangle into the restricted area, the other people to complete the shot, there is the speed near the maximum penalty area directly Far angle.