Trophies and Achievements In FIFA 18(PS4 and Xbox)


There are 45 FIFA 18 Trophies and FIFA 18 Achievements for PS4 and XB1. Let’s find out the complete list.

A + 30 – Win a penalty shoot-out without missing

Star pupil 15 – Complete an entire day’s Daily Objectives in FIFA Ultimate Team

Get your head in the game 15 – Score a goal with a “downward header”

Shiny 30 – Win the women’s “International Cup” tournament

Lofty Finish 15 – Score a goal from a High Cross

Going up in style 15 – Win a division title in FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons

The big league 80 – Win promotion to Division 1 of FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons

Tailored 15 – Spend a skill point in Pro Clubs

Fake it Make it 15 – Score a goal by tricking the keeper with a Fake Shot

Weekly objective complete 15 – Complete a Weekly Objective in FIFA Ultimate Team

Let’s play a game 15 – Play a women’s football match

Trick or treat? 15 – Score a goal with a Flair Shot in a women’s football match

A solid test 15 – Complete a Squad Building Challenge Group in FIFA Ultimate Team

More to come 15 – Play 20 games in any game mode within FIFA Ultimate Team

In Perfect Harmony 30 – Achieve a 10 partnership rating with your striker partner

Steal the show 30 – Win Division Title in Online Head to Head Seasons (must be obtained through game-play)

Just getting started 15 – Complete and win your first Pro Club Seasons league match

My Only Hope 15 – Perform a quicksub after you concede a goal

Investor 15 – Sell a player and negotiate a Sell-On Clause with the buying club

Challenge? What challenge? 15 – Complete your first Squad Building Challenge in FIFA Ultimate Team

You got skills 15 – Master a multiplayer skill game

You’re a real keeper! 80 – Score a goal from a counter attack that started with a goalkeeper driven throw

Handyman 30 – In Pro Clubs, use in matches each of your 3 Play Styles

You may have won the battle … 15 – Win a match in FIFA Ultimate Team Squad Battles

A test of skill 15 – Challenge and complete a match against the Team of the Week in FIFA Ultimate Team

Master builder 30 – Complete 20 Squad Building Challenges in the FIFA Ultimate Team

It’s what I do 15 – Score by performing an outside of the foot free kick

You’ve got a friend in me 15 – Finish an online friendship season

Go low! 15 – Score a goal using a low shot

Should’ve brought my sunglasses 30 – Win the EFL Cup in The Journey

Sniped 15 – In career mode, compete for the same player with other teams, and win the negotiation war

Your own path 15 – Unlock all traits in one skill-tree path

Sharp Shooter 15 – During open play, score a long-distance goal with a defender (25 yards out)

Always be closing 15 – Secure a player on the first try

You’ve read my mind 30 – Assist a goal using a threaded through pass

Magician 30 – Perform 3 successful threaded through ball passes with the same player in the attacking third

What a comeback 90 – Finish The Journey

Objective complete 15 – Complete a Daily Objective in FIFA Ultimate Team

Build bridges 15 – Successfully dribble an opponent by using The Bridge

Stylist 30 – In the journey, add a cosmetic item to Alex Hunter

Pristine victory 15 – Win all 4 matches in a “FUT Draft” session in the FIFA Ultimate Team

Just one more 15 – Score 5 goals in a women’s football match

Brute Force 15 – Buy a player by paying his release clause

I’m getting dizzy 15 – Score a goal after 10 consecutive passes in the opposing third of the pitch

Platinum Trophy (Name unknown): Unlock all other trophies