Two Highlights Of The Champions League: “Magic” Predicts That Real Madrid Can Not Defend

With the end of the draw for the Champions League group, the coaches of the Champions League teams in the new season will soon begin to study their opponents and prepare for the battle. In the Champions League group stage of the new season, Group B, Group C, and Group H are the death group. In the H group, C Ronaldo will return to the Dream Theater again, representing Juventus against the old Manchester United. What’s more interesting is that a big “magic” in the Champions League indicates that Real Madrid will not be able to defend the new season.

Juventus and Manchester United in the death group will meet on October 24th and November 8th. It is worth mentioning that the Portuguese superstar Ronaldo will return to the Old Trafford stadium, and his performance will also become the key to dominate the two teams. It is worth mentioning that Mourinho coached Manchester United only accumulated 3 points after the third round of the season, and now the position is in jeopardy.

Mourinho was also the former coach of Cristiano Ronaldo in Real Madrid, but he did not last long after returning to the Premier League. I don’t know if Manchester United and Juventus are in the Champions League this season. Whether Manchester United’s coach is still a madman Mourinho, or the most vocal Zidane will be in charge. If the second situation happens, then the drama will be more dramatic.

Last season’s defending champion Real Madrid, in the history of creating three consecutive championships in the Champions League, they will face new spells in the new season. According to historical statistics, Group G has never produced a Champions League in the history of the Champions League, and Rome and Real Madrid will become the main competitors of the group. It is worth mentioning that the probability of the champion in Group F is 40%. The four teams in the group are Manchester City, Hoffenheim, Shakhtar Donetsk and Lyon.

So which team do you think the Champions League in the new season will be?

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