Why the 4-2-3-1 Formation is the Best in FIFA 20?

The most prevailing development in FIFA 19 is 4-2-3-1.

For me by and by, this development is the best on the game since it gives you an extraordinary equalization over all regions of the pitch.

Having three assaulting midfielders offers a more extensive territory and assortment in assault yet in addition enables you to assault through the center, down the wing or whatever suits your play style.

The restricted variety of the 4-2-3-1

As opposed to having the two wingers as you would in 4-2-3-1 wide variety you presently have two assaulting midfielders which are situated nearer to the inside assaulting midfielder (CAM).


Having this variety makes develop play much simpler in the last third as having the left midfielder and right midfielder higher up will make them make more straightforward keeps running behind your halfback line.

This is basic in light of the fact that your assaulting players will make more straightforward runs, prompting more goalscoring openings.

Directions differ contingent upon your style

Having both the wide assaulting midfielders with the guidance “remain forward” truly concretes them being the lead of your assault.

This setting will profit an all the more counter assaulting play style, as when you win the ball in your last third of the pitch and you hope to break, your aggressors are as of now forward, hoping to make keeps running in behind for the snappy break.

Likewise, having both focus protective midfielders (CDM) with the guidance “remain back while assaulting” would be the main method to play this development.

With this, you can play an assortment of play styles from counter-assaulting to ownership play and so forth.

Having both CDMs set to that guidance is the bread and butter of the arrangement!

In addition to the fact that it holds the group together in any play style you play, however it likewise contributes enormously to the wide assaulting midfielders remaining forward in light of the fact that you currently have a parity of assault and barrier.

This isn’t the main significant factor in this arrangement.

The solitary striker that plays forthright can be set to “remain forward” just as “get in behind the back line” these two choices fluctuate on how you need to play.

Having the choice of “get in behind” is a more belonging based style, in any case, for brisk quick, counter-assaulting football this would be your most logical option to take advantage of your aggressor.


You will need to train your full-back as well, “remain back while assaulting”.

99% of aces have this setting on and will bond your protection.

Your key risk here is your wide assaulting midfielders, not your full backs as you would find, all things considered, football.

The most commanding approach to play is work the ball in the wide territories and get the crosses in towards your wide CAMs when you see them making direct keeps running in towards the back post of the resistance punishment box!

Keep in mind it is vital to utilize your wide midfielders as the lead of your assault as opposed to your focal players as they will be the ones that will at last score the objectives and get you the success you’re searching for in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team!

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