FIFA 18 Guide: The Trading Places of FIFA 18

Trading places:
In the Trading places, you can buy player cards, consumable cards, club props cards, and player membership cards.
What the main thing you can do here is to buy player cards and consumables cards.
The method of the transaction is auction, usually the system and real players sell the cards.
In general, the player can freely define the starting price and buy now price, “starting price” means all players bid on the card within 1 hour, when 5 minutes is over, the highest bidder get the card finally.
And buy now price, that is, you do not need to wait for 5 minutes, you can immediately buy a card with that price.
With regard to auction quotes, a quotation is 250 tokens higher than the previous quotation. If the bidding price at this time is the same as the one-price quotation, you can not quote anymore. The card is attributed to a player who gives buy now price.
The usual system only sells consumables, and player cards, as these cards consume more, so when you look at these cards at the auction, you’ll find their starting prices and buy now price are the same.
So you do not have to hurry to buy these cards. Usually, you can buy these cards in the starting price when there are less players play it.
Edit the team is to adjust the whole team, the key is to change the coach and tactics.
In addition, you can use the club’s props card, change the team’s logo, the stadium, jerseys and football will change the team’s appearance style, unlock the team to create options, you can create your own logo, court and jerseys. These content will not affect the team attributes.
FUT events are mainly divided into three categories, the first one is single season, the cup; the second one: many season, the cup; the third one is the most difficult and most exciting recruiting match.
The first one is the simplest, players can play their own games to earn coins to open card package, to carry out their own FUT game, but earn a relatively small number of coins, it’s hard to set up a gold team (gold player card).
The best is to experience the FUT mode, to cooperate with friends, against, but also to challenge other players, to earn a considerable number of coins, a month’s game may be able to form a team of all-black gold.
The last one is the most difficult place it needs “tickets”, requiring players to use a large number of tokens to buy tickets to participate in, if the defeat, then re-entry on the need to buy another ticket. However, the event only requires you to win 5 games, after the end there will be a large number of rare rewards!