FIFA 18 TOTY Guide

FIFA 18 TOTY is a FUT promotion which takes place to celebrate the best players of the year. It offers multiple packs offers on the FUT store, new squad building challenges and a few other surprises. However, the most important are obviously the themed cards. In this guide, you will have the chance to know everything about the FIFA 18 TOTY event, including the expected release date, the official rules, the nominees and the list of all TOTY cards.


What is the FIFA 18 TOTY Promotion?
Every year since FUT 12, in early January, Electronic Arts build a team of players based on their real performance on the previous year. The players of this TOTY are selected from the voting of FIFPro, the world wide professional footballers association, and announced in the Best FIFA Football Awards 2017 Gala. They are supposed to be the best players in the world.

During the FIFA 18 TOTY Promotion, Electronic Arts releases several FUT pack offers, themed cards, kits and squad building challenges. Details on FIFA 18 TOTY offers will be updated below.

FIFA 18 TOTY Release Date

When the FIFA 18 TOTY promotion will be released?
The TOTY event has been going since a few years ago. It is usually one of the first FIFA events of the civil year.

In the following table, you can see the TOTY event release dates of previous years:

FIFA 17 09 January – 16 January 2017
FIFA 16 11 January – 18 January 2016
FIFA 15 12 January – 19 January 2015
FIFA 14 13 January – 20 January 2014
FIFA 13 07 January – 14 January 2013


For FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, we still don’t know the release date. It was supposed to be on the first days of 2018 but, this year, the best players for FIFPro were announced on October 23.

The most likely date is January 8 but, since this time it doesn’t need to be a Monday, they may do it on January 5 or January 12.

FIFA 18 TOTY Cards Rules

How the FIFA 18 TOTY Cards Work

The TOTY cards are assigned to a selection of players and released all at once in a single FUT squad.

Based on what happened last year, these are the official rules we expect to see this year:


FIFA 18 TOTY cards become available in packs for a full week. During this period, they replace the corresponding regular not coloured cards. In other words, it is not possible to find a regular card of a TOTY player during this week.

1.1. If you own the regular card of a TOTY player, your card will keep unchanged. If you want the new version, you will need to buy the corresponding version in the market or pull it from a pack in that month.
1.2. Your odds of pulling a TOTY card from a pack are exactly the same ones of pulling the day 1 card of that player in another time.


During this week, the best players of the year will be released in packs with upgraded ratings as unique items. The ratings and stats of these cards are permanent. They don’t change.

2.1. The TOTY release doesn’t affect Ones to Watch and Path to Glory cards.


FIFA 18 TOTY Cards GuideFIFA 18 TOTY Card

FIFA 18 TOTY Nominees Shortlist

Who has chances to feature in the Team of the Year?

Here is the shortlist of the nominees:

🇮🇹 Gianluigi Buffon, Juventus
🇪🇸 David de Gea, Manchester United
🇨🇷 Keylor Navas, Real Madrid
🇩🇪 Manuel Neuer, FC Bayern München
🇸🇮 Jan Oblak, Atlético Madrid

🇦🇹 David Alaba, FC Bayern München
🇪🇸 Jordi Alba, FC Barcelona
🇧🇷 Dani Alves, Paris Saint-Germain
🇩🇪 Jérôme Boateng, FC Bayern München
🇮🇹 Leonardo Bonucci, Juventus/AC Milan
🇪🇸 Dani Carvajal, Real Madrid
🇮🇹 Giorgio Chiellin, Juventus
🇺🇾 Diego Godín, Atlético Madrid
🇩🇪 Mats Hummels, FC Bayern München
🇩🇪 Phillipp Lahm, FC Bayern München/retired
🇧🇷 David Luiz, Chelsea FC
🇧🇷 Marcelo, Real Madrid
🇦🇷 Javier Mascherano, FC Barcelona
🇵🇹 Pepe, Real Madrid/Besiktaş
🇪🇸 Gerard Piqué, FC Barcelona
🇪🇸 Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid
🇧🇷 Thiago Silva, Paris Saint-Germain
🇫🇷 Samuel Umtiti, FC Barcelona
🇪🇨 Antonio Valencia, Manchester United
🇫🇷 Raphaël Varane, Real Madrid

🇪🇸 Thiago Alcântara, FC Bayern München
🇪🇸 Sergio Busquets, FC Barcelona
🇧🇷 Casemiro, Real Madrid
🇧🇷 Philippe Coutinho, Liverpool FC
🇧🇪 Eden Hazard, Chelsea FC
🇪🇸 Andrés Iniesta, FC Barcelona
🇪🇸 Isco, Real Madrid
🇫🇷 N’Golo Kanté, Chelsea FC
🇩🇪 Toni Kroos, Real Madrid
🇷🇸 Nemanja Matić, Chelsea/Manchester United
🇭🇷 Luka Modrić, Real Madrid
🇩🇪 Mesut Özil, Arsenal FC
🇫🇷 Paul Pogba, Manchester United
🇮🇹 Marco Verratti, Paris Saint-Germain
🇨🇱 Arturo Vidal, FC Bayern München

🇬🇧 Gareth Bale, Real Madrid
🇫🇷 Karim Benzema, Real Madrid
🇺🇾 Edinson Cavani, Paris Saint-Germain
🇦🇷 Paulo Dybala, Juventus
🇫🇷 Antoine Griezmann, Atlético Madrid
🇸🇪 Zlatan Ibrahimović, Manchester United
🇬🇧 Harry Kane, Tottenham Hotspur
🇵🇱 Robert Lewandowski, FC Bayern München
🇧🇪 Romelu Lukaku, Manchester United
🇫🇷 Kylian Mbappé, AS Monaco/Paris Saint-Germain
🇦🇷 Lionel Messi, FC Barcelona
🇧🇷 Neymar JR, Barcelona/Paris Saint-Germain
🇵🇹 Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid
🇨🇱 Alexis Sánchez, Arsenal FC
🇺🇾 Luis Suárez, FC Barcelona

FIFA 18 TOTY Cards

The squad of FIFA 18 TOTY Players
The TOTY cards are released once a year during the TOTY event.

The players selected to get one of the FIFA 18 TOTY cards are the following ones:

🇮🇹 Gianluigi Buffon, Juventus

🇧🇷 Dani Alves, Paris Saint-Germain
🇧🇷 Marcelo, Real Madrid
🇪🇸 Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid
🇮🇹 Leonardo Bonucci, Juventus/AC Milan

🇪🇸 Andrés Iniesta, FC Barcelona
🇩🇪 Toni Kroos, Real Madrid
🇭🇷 Luka Modrić, Real Madrid

🇦🇷 Lionel Messi, FC Barcelona
🇵🇹 Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid
🇧🇷 Neymar JR, Barcelona/Paris Saint-Germain

FIFA 18 TOTY Updated Offers

What you can win with the FIFA 18 TOTY event
We estimate that the FIFA 18 TOTY offers will include:

✅ Promo Packs and Lightning Rounds
✅ Themed Cards
✅ New Squad Building Challenges
✅ Daily Gifts


FIFA 18 TOTY Cards Prices

What happens to the TOTY cards’ prices?
Once a year, a team featuring the world’s best players is announced. This release is responsible for thousands of pack openings. It also means severe price falls. Everything happens at an absolute immense scale: these cards are the best in the game, they come in packs for a week and prices fall to never before seen values.


What you need to know about FUT 18 TOTY Players Cards
Q: What is the Team of the Year?
A: Team of the Year, commonly abbreviated to TOTY, is a team of IF players released on a yearly basis. These blue In Form cards are assigned to the best players based on their real performance on the previous civil year.

Q: What is the difference between Team of the Year and Team of the Season?
A: TOTY is a team made by the players who played better during the calendar year, according to the FIFPro’s voting. The TOTS has nothing to do with the calendar year. It is about the players of each league who have played better during the season (usually between August/September and May) and they are not chosen by FIFPro members.

Q: Who chooses the players for the Team of the Year?
A: The TOTY players are selected from the voting of the International Federation of Professional Footballers (FIFPro), the world wide professional footballers association. This representative organisation comprises of 65,000 pro footballers and is made up of 58 countries. It’s them who choose the best players of the year.

Q: How many players are selected for the TOTY?
A: Eleven. The Team of the Year is released only once a year and contain the best 11 players in the world, also known as the World XI. The TOTY is made up of 1 goalkeeper, 4 defenders, 3 midfielders and 3 forwards, where each category can contain a player in any position.

Q: How many nominees the Team of the Year has?
A: 55.

Q: Are TOTW released in the Team of the Year week?
A: Yes. Team of the Week are released interrupted every Wednesday.

Q: How easy is to find FIFA 18 TOTY cards in FUT packs?
A: Just like it happens with any best rated player, the likelihood of finding FIFA 18 TOTY cards in FUT packs is very low because these cards are extremely rare.

Q: In which FUT packs I can find FIFA 18 TOTY cards?
A: TOTY players can be found in any pack with rare gold players. Obviously, the chances of finding one of these cards are higher if you open a pack which contains more rare gold players cards.

Q: Can I store packs to open during the TOTY week?
A: Yes. It doesn’t matter when you got the packs. The cards you will find inside depend exclusively of the date you open them.

Q: When is the best time to open packs ?
A: That’s when all the Team of the Year players are in packs, probably between Saturday night and Monday night. With eleven TOTY players in packs, your chances of finding one of these cards are two times higher than in the first two days and three times higher than in the other days.

Q: Are FIFA 18 TOTY cards available in FUT Draft mode?
A: Yes, they are available in all modes, including FUT Draft and FUT Champions.