Forecast of FUT 19 TOTS Ligue 1


Walter Benitez – GK – OVR 76 There were four attendants firmly in dispute for the two – conceivably three goalkeeping spots accessible – and whichever ones pass up a major opportunity can feel hard done by. I am certain about the ones I have chosen through, with the first being Nice’s Benitez. With simply the 30 objectives permitted this season, Nice have intensely depended on edge side of their game to get focuses, and Benitez has assumed a gigantic job in that. Routinely grabbing high measures of recoveries, the Argentine is an ordinary element in different TOTW expectations. I completely anticipate that him should proceed with that pattern and highlight in most if only one out of every odd TOTS expectation for Ligue 1.


Ferland Mendy – LB – OVR 79 Although Lyon’s protective record was somewhat normal in contrast with a portion of the higher sides, there was one player who genuinely awed inside. Mendy’s potential has just been seen inside FIFA, with the French protector getting a Future Star thing, just as accepting a Winter Upgrade and Community TOTS selection. His exhibitions were additionally seen by the good French wellspring of L’Equipe, who incorporated the adolescent in their TOTS. I would be extremely shocked if Mendy neglects to make this side.

Marquinhos – CB – OVR 85 We presently move towards PSG and as you would expect there are a great deal of them in this expectation. Paris strolled their way to another title, winning with numerous recreations to extra and right now sit 16 in front of second with only one game remaining. It has been a natural CB matching in TOTS as of late and I anticipate that the equivalent should happen again with the first of the two being Marquinhos, who has been a stone at the back and likely will be for quite a long time to come.

Thiago Silva – CB – OVR 88 Although never again making TOTY squads, at 34 years old, Thiago Silva is as yet a truly skilled player, and in spite of the fact that we are probably going to see less and less of him throughout the following couple of seasons with PSG bringing through a few youth players, to the extent the 2018/19 crusade goes, Silva was a standout amongst the best protectors in the division. Carrying the experience to PSG’s guard, which is the second best in the division.

Kenny Lala – RWB – OVR 78 in spite of PSG’s cautious incorporations we proceed onward to a protector which gets saw for his hostile side of the game. With five objectives and nine helps to his name Lala has figured out how to get four IFs, a Winter Upgrade and a Headliner thing in what has been a leap forward season for the protector, who before this season was a Silver thing on FIFA.


Heavenly attendant Di Maria – LW – OVR 84 It’s insane to feel that ADM has really included in TOTY, particularly when you take a gander at how he played for Manchester United. Since making to move to Paris however, the Argentine has demonstrated precisely what he is made of with a few noteworthy seasons added to his repertoire now. By and by he assumed a major job in their prosperity, scoring up 12 objectives and 11 helps from the left flank. With no under six unique things to his name, ADM is resembling a generally excellent FUT Item go to his TOTS.

Marco Verratti – CM – OVR 86 Verratti has been a commonplace face with regards to Ligue 1 TOTS with the Italian making it in four of the last five sides. He presently looks set to make that five from six with another splendid showcase for the French bosses amidst the recreation center. In spite of the fact that on paper with only two helps and zero objectives Verratti doesn’t look like much, he controls the game and does all the messy work for them. The reality he gets saw so much shows exactly how great he really is.

Neymar – CAM – OVR 92 Neymar possibly figured out how to play 17 coordinates this season which with regards to TOTS can be classed as a begging to be proven wrong incorporation however observing just as he made the official Ligue 1 TOTS it would be an idiotic move to prohibit him on diversions played, it is Neymar all things considered. That being said the Brazilian impressed in the amusements h played in, scoring multiple times and helped another 7.

Nicolas Pepe – RM – OVR 79 There have been a couple of astonishments emerge players in Ligue 1 this season yet none to a similar degree as Pepe. The Lille winger has gone from solidarity to quality without hinting at any backing off. Altogether, the Ivorian has 22 objectives to his name, close by 11 helps. Which when you think about that he has been playing from a RM position is just ludicrous to appreciate. Had it not have been for Mbappe I am certain that Pepe would have been named POTY.


Kylian Mbappe – ST – OVR 88 There is solid theory that Mbappe has played his last season for PSG with moves from the club being overflowing. It was another fantastic season for the potential future Ballon d’Or champ with 33 objectives and 7 helps from the 29 appearances the Frenchman made this season. He has played both on the wing and legitimately as a striker yet with the larger part originating from the last of those two I anticipate that his TOTS should come as a ST.

Edinson Cavani – ST – OVR 89 It’s insane to feel that a player of Cavani’s gauge can be reliably out-shadowed by the players around him, with Ibra being the man to do as such for a long time and now both Neymar and Mbappe guaranteeing the spotlight far from the Uruguayan. That being said regardless he completes a significant activity for the French bosses, scoring consistently for them. He came third in the brilliant boot race with 18 to his name so in spite of PSG having a great deal of alternatives I don’t expect Cavani to pass up a major opportunity.


Mike Maignan – GK – OVR 75 I was really astonished not to see Maignan in the Community TOTS casting a ballot, which is a major articulation originating from EA. Maignan has been extraordinary all season for second-put Lille, who as of now hold the best guarded record in the division with only 33 objectives being yielded in 38 diversions played. The plug made the official Ligue 1 TOTS and I don’t feel that anybody can discuss that.

Jose Fonte – CB – OVR 78 Another player indispensable to that Lille resistance was Fonte, after various seasons in the Premier League for midtable sides the Portuguese protector at 34 years old, moved over to France and figured out how to exceed expectations there. Possibly demonstrating the capacity hole between the two divisions or was Fonte dependably a skilled player at more fragile sides? I’ll give you a chance to settle on that one.

Youcef Atal – RWB – OVR 75 When you think about that Nice truly battled for objectives this season, with simply the 30 being scored you can see exactly how significant Atal was to them. In addition to the fact that he played an enormous job protectively he scored six objectives and albeit three of those came in one game while he was playing LW as opposed to RWB he has still been significant for them at the two closures of the field.

Tanguy Ndombele – CM – OVR 80 After the rejection of numerous Community TOTS players in the initial couple of sides, I started to overlook them for their group TOTS sides. Be that as it may, after the incorporation of ter Stegen in the Spanish release, I essentially can’t disregard Ndombele. The Lyon midfielder is generally perceived as a major up and coming ability. He overwhelmed the game from the center of the recreation center and routinely contributed with helps, asserting seven altogether.

Florian Thauvin – RM – OVR 84 When we take a gander at match evaluations Thauvin has been brutally set apart in contrast with his insights proposing that general he has been somewhat normal for Marseille however that being said can you truly disregard a RM with 16 objectives and 8 helps this season? I don’t think so and thus, he winds up in my squad.

Memphis Depay – ST – OVR 84 I was incredibly near scorning Depay from this side with the Dutch striker being clobbered my many bringing about him being one of the more fragile choices. It was his help count, remaining at ten which in the end gave him the edge for me. That and the reality he is as yet a major name player which ought to likewise give him a preferred position. Nearby his ten helps, he likewise overseen ten objectives which go close by a winter redesign he additionally got.

Andy Delort – ST – OVR 75 When it comes to strikers in Ligue 1 most the alternatives are from those you would have expected to see preseason yet Delort is one which has astonished, playing for sixth set Montpellier, the striker has been vital for them, scoring 14 objectives close by helping another seven.


Mathieu Debuchy – RWB – OVR 78 It’s sheltered to state that the consideration of Debuchy in a years ago TOTS came as a stun to the network however he has proceeded with his structure for St. Etienne, with his hostile risk reliably there down the right-hand side. With St. Etienne dealing with a fourth-set completion I do hope to see a few IFs from them and none are especially self-evident. Subsequently, I am taking the punt on Debuchy to make it consecutive TOTS considerations in the wake of contributing with four objectives and three helps from the back.

Teji Savanier – CM – OVR 72 Nimes completed in a truly good ninth spot this season with their focal midfielder, Savanier, getting to be one of the unexpected players this season. He figured out how to get an amazing 14 helps, a count which left him driving that classification for the season and furthermore contributed with six objectives. There is nothing unexpected that he was among the most astounding normal L’equipe evaluations this season.

Thiago Mendes – CM – OVR 76 Specifically, on the Spanish side, we saw EA decide on those censured in the Community TOTS the class TOTS. Mendes in my eyes is a periphery player however considering that, it pushes him over the edge and into the side for me. The Brazilian was vital amidst the recreation center for Lille and with them completing second I anticipate that a reasonable couple of players should be included from them, Mendes being one.

Jonathan Bamba – LM – OVR 76 The last Lille player I have settled on in this side is Bamba. The LM has been surpassed by Pepe all through the season however has exceeded expectations himself scoring a truly good 13 objectives from LM this season. A count which has just been beaten by seven players, five of which are strikers.

Wahbi Khaziri – ST – OVR 78 Another Etienne player I am picking to punt is a player who has been urgent for them for the past couple of seasons in Khaziri. The Tunisian has marginally less objectives than different possibility for this situation with 13 however has additionally played further in numerous matches. The Tunisian likewise has six helps to his name and as referenced with Debuchy with Etienne completing in fourth you would anticipate that a few TOTS things should go their direction. More FIFA 19 TOTS related info can be read this article: Guide of FIFA 19 TOTS, Community Predictions and Community Voting