The Best Defenders in Circulation

An old popular adage says: the best defense is the attack. But in any case, having a good defense is always good. In fact, sooner or later the ball will always come back and having the right players can make the difference. But which defenders to buy?

We try to make a ranking of the best defenders voted on Fifa 18. Obviously we will take into consideration the main criterion that is sought in a defender or defensive capacity and then we will also evaluate other characteristics, such as the body, height or pace. Finally, let’s not forget that the defender starts the maneuver, so we will also consider the transition as an important factor.

At the tenth place on our list we find the defender of Tottenham such Alderweireld. A massive defender with an important defensive ability and a pretty bad pace. If you want solidity, it’s the right man for you. At the ninth place is the Greek defender of Borussia Dortmund Sokratis. Equipped with a good pace is a pillar in the center defense but its poor ability to set the maneuver requires a defensive graft that can be useful in this regard. At the eighth place we have Boateng. The German national defender is one of the most complete in the world and can boast a good accuracy of passage as well as an impressive height that make it dangerous even in the offensive phase.

At the seventh and sixth place we have two fairly similar players and they are Diego Godin and Joao Miranda. Both in fact are equipped with an excellent defensive ability associated with a good height and rocky physique. They represent a solid investment if you are looking for defenders even with a good game vision and setting of the maneuver.

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