What Featueres We Want in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team? Part 1

During the best part of a decade, Ultimate Team worked as not only FIFA’s most popular feature, but one of the most expensive modes in all the games. His concept of building of squares has also undergone various changes during the years, with the next changing feature always apparently on the horizon.

Past innovations included FUT Champions, Squad Building Challenges and ever developing class of Information items, but there is always room for improvement. Here are a few features that will make FIFA Ultimate Team a better experience when FIFA 19 is released.

1. Lessen the grind of FUT Champions

If it’s one thing that many FIFA fans tend to agree, that is, FUT Champions are a bit of grinder in its current form. The players need to play 40 online games for three-week weeks even for the chance to achieve the best awards – a power that may be about 14 hours to complete. Our solution would be to stop the amount of games or extend the Weekend League format for a whole week.

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