What Featueres We Want in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team? Part 2

2. Shares and Challenges
EA’s sports game selection has just adopted Sets and Challenges as part of their Ultimate Team offers. The first is a way to earn rewards for collecting some items – a bit similar to the FUT collection of old items. Challenges are scenarios where you can earn rewards to complete mid-game tasks as well as defeat games. Both features have been well received and fit FIFA well.

3. Free FUT Project entrances

First implemented back in FIFA 16, FUT Sketch is a great way to play with Ultimate Team’s top superstores at cheap. The function may not be as popular as it should be, however – the result of 15k inputs in currencies. We do not say that this should be removed completely, but the odd free entry would not be delayed, and it would be nice to see implemented as an extra reward in Squad Battles or Online Seasons, for example.

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