What FIFA 19 Change According to the Fans? Part 8

9. More tiny details, such as mix-and-match kits

Precise square numbers are not the only small details that it is important to get right. In EA’s official boards, Reynolds111 picks up a disaster that does not play, but still feels an insufficient touch, if you are Anfield’s regular. It’s about because in FIFA 18 the home team always attacks left-to-right in the first half. “[In FIFA 19 we need] teams kicking to their favorite end of the pitch in the second half – Liverpool can never kick the famous Kop after half-time on the current FIFA, [killing the feeling] of a recent winner winner.”

He also touches my personalized feature of PES 5, back in the PS2 era: “I would love to mix and match kits to prevent fighting and to make the game more realistic. Chelsea does not always play in white socks with his blue kit – Sometimes they need to play in all the blue, and Spurs sometimes play quite white. “This was discussed deeply in the EA forums before FIFA 16 -” console generation changes, but EA still uses latest genetic structures “wrote comet213 at the time – but nothing came of it. Three years later, we hope he had felt a feeling.

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