What FIFA 19 Change According to the Fans? Part 9

10. Finally fix Pro Clubs

11. Indoor or FIFA Street mode

Since soccer, the most exciting part of the E3 2017 was an apparent flow in relation to the return of FIFA Street. The rumor’s full game has never been materialized, with the pictures actually coming from the early chapter of The Journey 2, where Alex Hunter participates in a small side football on the streets of Brazil – yet the excitement that he has suggested suggests players are ready for full – A fateful way of this.

“The community has announced that they want another FIFA Street for many years now. It’s just an EA to get rid of,” writes Redditor FUTBasics. “They added 3 to 3 to NHL 18 and seem really arcade-ish with a lot of ability / style moves,” echoes Crosdog729. “I’d like to see something similar to FIFA – imagine an Ultimate Team sidebar.” Indeed, the feature of the ‘Threes’ of NHL 18 is very fun as FIFA 97’s internal regime has been two decades ago – it is not possible to doubt that EA Canada has the necessary technology. Happy, happy-fingered feet crossed.

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